Mission statement


"The European Society of Traumatic Stress Studies promotes the sharing of knowledge and experience about all aspects of psychotraumatology. We do this by fostering research and best practice, building networks, and by contributing to public policy at a European level."


Objectives of ESTSS


The main objectives of ESTSS, contained within the ESTSS mission statement, are:

  • To increase and disseminate knowledge of traumatic stress based on good science.
  • To identify cross European issues, such as differences in training and certification.
  • To stimulate cross European training for different levels of certification.
  • To stimulate and help to set up local societies in different European countries.
  • To help establish European wide research on traumatic stress.
  • To focus on European issues relating to traumatic stress, e.g. disaster response, uniform services, child abuse etc.
  • To liaise with pan-European and international organisations/bodies.