Affiliated societies

There is no fee for societies that wish to affiliate! The aim is to collaborate more closely and offer individuals from affiliated societies reduced fees for ESTSS membership if they wish to join.

In order to stimulate collaboration within the field of traumatic stress we aim to affiliate with societies or organisations that at least partly share the aims and objectives of ESTSS. This will allow individual members of the affiliated organisation to join ESTSS for a reduced rate. Once they have joined ESTSS they too get the benefits of ESTSS membership (see membership types for a full description of affiliation with ESTSS)

Societies can apply for Affiliated membership by contacting the ESTSS president or the ESTSS secretariat. The standard agreement for affiliation can be found here.

Members of Affiliated societies apply for ESTSS membership by submitting the membership form on the website and indicating of which Affiliated society they are a member.

Affiliated national societies in Europe are:

  1. Austria: B√ĖP¬†
  2. Czech Republic: CRC ERU
  3. Denmark: NCP
  4. Denmark: SDU
  5. France: Alfest
  6. France: ABC des Psychotraumas
  7. Israel: ISTSR
  8. Serbia: EMDR Serbia
  9. Norway: NKVTS
  10. Norway: RVTS
  11. Spain: SEPET
  12. Spain: EMDR Spain
  13. Finland: Finland’s Psychotrauma Association

European wide affiliated societies or organisations are:

  1. The European Network for Traumatic Stress: TENTS
  2. European Society for Trauma and Dissociation: ESTD
  3. European Society for the Study of Personality Disorders:  ESSPD 
  4. European Red Cross/Red Crescent Network for Psychosocial Support:  ENPS
  5. European Federation of Psychologists' Associations: EFPA

Affiliated non-European societies are:

  1. Trauma Clinic South Africa
  2. Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ASTSS)
  3. Japanese Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (JSTSS)
  4. African Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

Affliated international or worldwide societies are:

  1. International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies  (ISTSS)
  2. The World Society of Victimology (WSV)


The Austrian Psychologists Association (B√ĖP)

The Austrian Psychological Association (B√ĖP) is the professional organisation for psychologists in Austria. It offers also different trainings and educations for psychologists and has also an own curriculum for psychotraumatology (fully accredited for ESTSS certificate).¬† Membership is by choice and more than 4500 psychologists in Austria are members of the B√ĖP. It is the largest psychological association of Austria.


Czech Republic

The Emergency Response Unit of the Czech Red Cross -  CRC ERU

The Emergency Response Unit of Czech Red Cross (furthermore as CRC ERU) is a unit composed by experts with multi-professional background regions of Czech Republic. The unit was created in 2001. In the present consists of 10 members and 4 candidates.. CRC ERU is able to provide assistance on all the territory of Czech Republic. In the field of psychosocial support ERU CRC focuses on helping those affected by crisis situation. There were several floods with deployment CRC ERU during recent years.  who provided psychosocial support (PSS) and humanitarian assistance to affected people  in cooperation with the psychologists of Fire and Rescue Service and other professionals from NGO. In addition to the field work, the CRC ERU dedicate to the education of its own members as well as members from other units of the Czech Red Cross in providing psychosocial support and also shares his knowledge through training, conferences and workshops to the general public.In addition to the practical providing of psychosocial support the CRC ERU also focuses on the area of crisis management and resistance to trauma. In the field of international cooperation the ERU of CRC collaborates within Austrian Red Cross (prof. Barbara Juen), who trains the  team in PSS continually. CRC ERU also represents National society of CRC in ENPS (European Network for Psychosocial Support) since 2010. The ERU of CRC members meet regularly with other units in international conferences on psychosocial support and exchange their expertise and new insights from the field of psychosocial support and crisis intervention. For more information on other areas of activity of ERU of Czech Red Cross please visit the website.



The National Center of Psychotraumatology 

The National Center of Psychotraumatology was founded in 2009 as part of the  Department of Psychology at the University of Southern Denmark. Since  2009 the National Center of Psychotraumatology has been consolidated as  the leading national center for psychological trauma. The aim is to strengthen the research within the area of trauma related conditions, thereby enhancing psychological treatment and prevention at a national and international level.



L'Association de Langue Française pour l'Etude du Stress et du Trauma



ABC of psychotraumas: Biological & Clinic Approaches

ABC des Psychotraumas (Biological & Clinical Approaches of Psychotraumas) is a French National Thematic Network. It was created in 2007, as the result of collaboration between teams of researchers and clinicians (psychiatrists, psychologists and neurobiologists). It promotes translational research in the field of post-traumatic disorders. Members of this network belong to different academic institutions, e.g., Inserm (French Institute of Health and Medical Research, CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research), universities, and university hospitals (CHRU; Regional Universities Hospitals).
Its major mission is to develop strong interactions between clinical research and basic research.
Its mains objectives are to:
1. Stimulate institutional research, basic and clinical focus on psychological trauma, mental health consequences and their management.
2. Develop a scientific and clinical expertise further promoting joint projects and partnership projects for high-level international publications.
3. Create a scientific competition with the active participation of the network to various scientific meetings.
4. Facilitate recruitment for multicenter clinical research by developing a joint research and care in the French regions.
5. Improve the diagnosis of PTSD in the general population.
6. Help identifying post-traumatic symptoms in patients treated for depression, generalized anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and traumatic brain injury.
7. Stimulate basic and clinical research institutional, focused on trauma, its consequences and Mental Health care.
8. Train students and practitioners in the identification of psychological trauma and evaluation of their psychiatric sequels.



Israel Society for Traumatic Stress Research

Israel Society for Traumatic Stress Research was set up in June 2019 to meet the needs of Israeli researchers and clinicians working in the field of traumatic stress.



Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies (NKVTS)

Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies develops and disseminates knowledge and competence in the field of violence and traumatic stress. The centre’s objective is to help prevent and reduce the health-related and social consequences that can follow from exposure to violence and traumatic stress. The centre has an international outlook and develops knowledge at an international academic level. Our main tasks are: Research and development, as well as dissemination in the form of teaching, guidance and counselling. The centre assumes an interdisciplinary perspective, which includes medical, psychological, social, cultural and legal aspects. The centre emphasizes issues related to ethnicity and dimensions of age and gender. The topics of research can be categorized under the following main headings: Violence, sexual abuse, disasters and refugees/asylum seekers.We cooperate with regional expert communities in the field of violence and trauma, as well as relevant clinical communities, research institutions and professional agencies nationally and internationally. NKVTS does not undertake clinical activities, although the knowledge produced at the centre is intended to benefit practitioners, in a wide sense.


Regional violence, traumatic stress and suicide prevention centre (RVTS)

There are five Regional violence, traumatic stress and suicide prevention centres in Norway (RVTS), one in each region of the country (North, Mid, East, South and West). The RVTSes are responsible for competence and capacity building in their respective regions on Refugee’s health and forced migration, Violence and sexual abuse, and Suicide prevention. The centres have a multidisciplinary staf with around 15 full time positions, and serve a support function to professionals within a broad spectrum of services who deals with such issues in their work. The main activities are teaching, supervision and networking, as well as implementation of national plans and strategies in the fields of violence, traumatic stress and suicide prevention.



Spanish Society of Psychotraumatology, Traumatic Stress and Dissociation (SEPET +D)

SEPET +D is the acronim of the Spanish Society of Psychotraumatology, Traumatic Stress and Dissociation. It was founded in the year 2000 in order to promote the study, research and training in the field of Psychotraumatology in Spain. The society promotes the training of their members and other professionals as well as the collaboration with other national or international societies in the field. Over the last ten years, SEPET + D is continuosly organizing many meetings, workshops and activities in the field of Trauma. Alan Shore, Bob Scaer or Onno van der Hart, between many others, were in Madrid on behalf of the society, teaching workshops. In the year 2006 the society organized, toghether with the ESTSS, the European Workshop on Traumatic Stress (EWOTS).

Contact: Francisco Orengo


The Spanish EMDR society

EMDR Spain association has become an affiliate society of ESTSS. 44 Spanish members have applied for full membership with reduced rates. We hope next year the Spanish membership will increase within this affiliation.



EMDR Serbia

The EMDR Association of Serbia, founded in 2009 in Belgrade, Serbia, is working on mission of promoting and maintaining quality and integrity of practice, research and education in EMDR approach in the field of psychotraumatology and psychopathology. EMDR Serbia is official member of EMDR Europe and is affiliated society of ESTSS.

Website :

The World Society of Victimology (WSV)

Another important partners in the field of psychotrauma who have become affiliated partner is the World Society of Victimology (WSV). Millions of people throughout the world suffer harm as a result of crime, the abuse of power, terrorism and other stark misfortunes. Their rights and needs as victims of this harm have not been adequately recognized. The WSV advances research, services, and awareness for victims. We are looking forward to fruitful collaboration between the societies.


European Society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD)

Closer collaboration with the field of complex PTSD and dissociation fits within the ESTSSs mission to study and treat the whole spectrum of trauma disorders, and to implement evidence-based care for all types of trauma survivors in Europe. This also includes disorders related to chronic traumatisation. We are, then, very pleased to have an affliation with ESTD, the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation. We are working towards collaborating much more in organizing activities such as conferences and symposia together in the future.

Aims of ESTD are: To promote an increase in the knowledge of Trauma, Dissociation and all disorders related to chronic traumatization.

  • To provide professional and public education about dissociation, trauma and trauma related disorders.
  • To support communication and cooperation among clinicians and other professionals in the field of dissociation and trauma.
  • To stimulate national and international research projects.
  • To provide knowledge and education specifically to those countries in Europe who do not have easy access in this field.


European Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (ESSPD)

The ESTSS is a society that aims to study and treat the whole spectrum of trauma disorders and we know how trauma and personality disorders are intertwined. We are therefore very pleased to announce collaboration with the European Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (ESSPD).  in the form of affiliated membership. This means that ESSPD members can join ESTSS for reduced rates and experience all the benefits of regular ESTSS membership. At the next meeting The next ESSPD conference on Borderline will be in Amsterdam in 2012. We aim to have representatives of both societies in our respective scientific committees.


European Network for Psychosocial Support

The network was founded in 2000 and includes around 26 to 30 of a total of 53 National European Red Cross Red Crescent Societies. Members are those persons who are responsible for psychosocial support programmes within the National Societies. Objectives of the network are the following: Exchange of best practices and scientific knowledge, contacts, training methods, capacity building, encouragement of co-operation between the European National Societies, the PS Reference Centre, the other RC European networks and the IFRC as well as other organisations such as the ESTSS. The ENPS organises a Conference each year and works in close contact to the IFRC Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support.