Events for December 2022

The ESTSS wishes to recognise individuals who have made a significant contribution to psychotraumatology within Europe. There are two awards:

1. The Wolter de Loos Award for Distinguished Contribution to Psychotraumatology in Europe

This award is the highest honour given by ESTSS. It is named after one of the founders of ESTSS dr. Wolter de Loos and is awarded to an individual who has made a distinguished theoretical, research, or clinical contribution to the field. The award is designed to promote recognition of contributions from all European and adjoining countries to psychotraumatology. The Wolter de Loos Award will comprise € 1000 to the recipient and a certificate.

2. The Young Minds in Psychotraumatology Award

This award recognizes excellence in the traumatic stress field through service or research by an individual who has completed his or her training within the last 10 years. The award comprises € 1000 to the recipient and a certificate.

The ESTSS Board is soliciting nominations for the awards. All ESTSS members are invited to nominate individuals to the Board.

Nominations can be either from the individual (self nomination) or a colleague in the field (in this case individuals must be notified of and agree to their nomination prior to it being forwarded to the Board). While the nominating individual must be an ESTSS member, the proposed applicant need not be a member. The nomination letter should succinctly indicate the contributions that are the basis for nomination, and the nature of the relationship of the nominator and nominee. A curriculum vitae of the nominee (limited to 2 pages) should accompany the letter, along with one central paper (scientific or service-related report). A bibliography of up to 20 most relevant published papers should also be included.

The selection committee will evaluate applications on the basis of the following criteria: The candidate's accomplishments, activities and European regional representation. For the purpose of selection the committee may ask 1-3 individuals from outside the committee who are more familiar with the region and/or specific area of the applicant for written statements about the eligibility of the nominee.

Nominations should be sent to the ESTSS Secretariat ( two months before the ESTSS conference at the latest. Nominees will be notified about the decisions of the award committee one month before the ESTSS conference. The award winners are expected to be present at the ECOTS meeting to receive their awards.

The awards will be presented at the biannual European Conference on Traumatic Stress (ECOTS). This will make the ECOTS conferences a valuable opportunity to publicly acknowledge outstanding individual contributions to the trauma field in Europe.