ESTSS General Certificate in Psychotraumatology

ESTSS General Certificate in Psychotraumatology

The ESTSS General Certificate in Psychotraumatology was founded in December 2007.  All the workshops have been approved by an international committee of ESTSS board members.

Q.  Who is eligible?

A.  All members of the ESTSS are eligible to register for the certificate programme.

Q.  How do I register?

A.¬† Members can register for certification for a one-off fee (currently 55 Euros, reduced rate countries: 40 Euros and low rate countries: 25 Euros). This fee will cover the administration of the certification process and any costs incurred in assessing the suitability of workshops for approval for the certificate. Just complete the registration details form in the ‚ÄėMembers Only‚Äô section of this website.

Q.  How many workshops do I need for the Certificate?

A.  To complete the General Certificate in Psychotraumatology individuals will have to obtain 100 points and meet the following criteria:

  1. Attendance at a one day ESTSS approved workshop. Either the Introductory workshop on traumatic stress studies or TENTS-TP (both are awarded 20 points towards the certificate).
  2. The remaining points will be awarded from attendance at half-day (max. 10 points) or full day or more (max. 20 points) workshops at ESTSS approved events
  3. The satisfactory completion of a test for each workshop attended (within 3 months).
  4. Completion of all workshops within three years of attendance at first qualifying workshop.

Q.  How do I obtain the test after each workshop?

A.  You will receive the multiple choice questions (MCQ) test from the workshop organiser. Workshop organiser is responsible for grading the tests and notifying ESTSS certificate administrator about your score.

Q.  How do I receive the certificate?

Once the individual has reached 100 points, they will be sent the ESTSS certificate in Psychotraumatology signed by the current ESTSS President.

Q.  Where can I find ESTSS eligible workshops?

The workshops are listed at ESTSS workshops on the ESTSS website.

Q. How do I obtain information on my log book?

If you have any questions about your logbook ‚Äď please contact ESTSS certificate.


Espa√Īol: Informacion por estudiantes interesados sobre el Certificado General en Psicotraumatolog√≠a de la ESTSS