Helping the helpers – expert guided supervision and intervision

ESTSS is aware that helping the people affected by the current situation is difficult.
A lot of professionals will be helping in a situation in which they themselves are “victims”.
Living in areas affected by the war, having fled or being personally involved in shocking events.
Furthermore, the problems of patients will be more complex. Possible multiple traumatizing events, combined with acute stress and insecurities.

To help those helping Ukrainians ESTSS offers professionals working with people from Ukraine the possibility of supervision and intervision with colleagues and an ESTSS specialist.

The sessions are held on a two-weekly base with a fixed number of regular participants.
If you would like to join please contact Tatjana Nazarenko at 
It would be helpful if you could briefly introduce yourself in the mail.

The consultations will be in English with simultaneous translation to Ukrainian available.