Future Leadership Group

“ESTSS future international leadership group“ is the group of dedicated young professionals in the field of psychotraumatology in Europe. The group aims to promote a network of young professionals interested in the field of psychotraumatology, and to allow them to develop their leadership qualities and to gain international experiences.

The members of the future leadership group work together with experienced colleagues in different committees on a range of strategic activities such as development of the ESTSS European Curricula, the ESTSS Summer schools as well as the internal and external communication strategies of the society.

The ESTSS future international leadership group is supported by the leaders and other members of the respective committees and are encouraged to bring in their own visions and ideas, to develop their own network and a larger network of young minds in psychotraumatology.

Group members are elected for a two-year term.

The current 2019-2020 team consists of the following members: