Information for ESTSS certificate workshop providers

Information for new providers on how to organise an ESTSS certificated workshop

This information has been developed for individuals who would like to organise an approved or want to suggest a new ESTSS certificated workshop.

Q.  Who is eligible to register or run an ESTSS workshop?

Evidence of competence will be assessed via the submission of a 2 page CV which demonstrates the individual is highly knowledgeable or/and an experienced expert in the subject. This will be decided from the information on your CV (only 2 pages max) and the ESTSS Proforma for Trainers.

Suggested information from your CV should include:

  • type of university degree
  • university specialisation
  • trainings in psychotraumatology
  • current activity
  • remote activities (if different)
  • five most recent publications
  • previous workshops or educational activities on psychotraumatology field

Q. How do I register and organize a workshop?

The content of proposed workshops must be approved in advance by the ESTSS certification subcommittee to be eligible. In order to be approved workshops must address topic learning outcomes, and be consistent with the current evidence base and the aims of the ESTSS.

Presenters must send a completed proforma, 2 page CV with slides and 10 multiple choice questions (MCQ) test to the ESTSS certificate (an example of a previous test can be supplied upon request) not later than 4 weeks in advance. The ESTSS certificate will forward your documents to the committee and they will get in touch with you shortly after.

The grading of the MCQs must be done by the workshop providers and a completed list of participants also containing their MCQ scores has to be sent within 4 weeks after the workshop to the ESTSS certificate administrator.

If you are planning to repeat the workshop, the ESTSS certificate should be informed at least 4 weeks in advance about the date and location of the workshop and whether any information or content has changed or not.

Q. Can I organize online workshops?

Yes, online workshops are endorsed but they can cover up to a maximum of 50% of the whole attendance of every student.

Q. How long does an approval for a workshop last?

Knowledge in the field of psychotraumatology is fast growing, so in order to keep the workshops up to date, approval lasts for three years.

Who is sponsoring the workshop? Please provide information under the correct heading.

Public: university, hospital, public health organizations etc.

Private: if private please provide any references on current and past activities.

Special workshop on technical patented approaches like EMDR and others: please supply a copy of Trainer Degree released by the Society.

Materials of the workshop: please supply a copy of the manual (if it exists).


The ESTSS certificate committee will review all of the above information:

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