Refugees in crisis – EJPT collection of articles on refugee crisis

ESTSS Statement on Forced Displacement
September 10, 2015
Call for Nominations: representative of individual members in the new ESTSS board
October 18, 2015
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With Europe facing what some are calling its greatest refugee crisis since World War II, EJPT has curated here a selection of highly relevant articles published by the journal and spanning topics pertinent to clinicians, policy makers, and not least, researchers.

Right now there is a need for evidence informed guidance on how we best face potentially traumatized refugees,” said EJPT Editor-in-Chief Miranda Olff.  “This is why am so proud of our journal, making very valuable, applicable research available to all those who are working with them.”

The articles are categorized as follows: Human Rights and Reparations, Therapeutic Interventions, Children, and The Legal and Social World of Refugees.

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