SIG Traumatic grief

ESTSS Special Interest Group ‚ÄúTraumatic Grief‚ÄĚ.

Action is needed to reach consensus about both the clinical relevance of traumatic grief in diagnoses and treatment and disturbed grief criteria. In order to achieve these goals, we think that a greater collaboration between clinicians and researchers internationally is needed to derive a shared conceptualization of natural and pathological grief. The ESTSS supports the idea of creating a platform in which clinicians and researchers from all over Europe (and also other parts of the world) get to know each other, exchange ideas, collaborate, and share knowledge about traumatic grief. The first activity of the ESTSS Special Interest Group (SIG) Traumatic Grief will be a meeting at the ESTSS conference of 2021 in Belfast.

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For more information about traumatic grief, please visit the fact sheet about prolonged grief disorder.

For other information you can email to (dr. Manik Djelantik, SIG Traumatic Grief ESTSS).