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A great deal of research has been conducted with uniformed personnel from the three Services in the UK Defence Mental Health Services. A good source of information is


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The Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO (COMEDS)

The International Applied Military Psychology Association Symposium (IAMPS).
IAMPS is an annual meeting of military psychologists from around the world aimed at identifying and developing best practice procedures concerning the field of applied military psychology.
Its main focus is to enable a dialogue among international military psychologists to share the latest applied research advances as well as information on organization-specific procedures and lay the groundwork for collaboration. This process stimulates important research resulting in significant improvements. By uncovering potential synergies it supports the goal of cost efficiency and also helps to improve interoperability. Therefore the spotlight of IAMPS is concentrated on a profound exchange of experiences in the field of applied military psychology.

NATO, PfP and Allied Psychologists also link up at the annual International Military Testing Association annual Conference

NATO Human Factors and Medicine (HFM)
The mission of the Human Factors and Medicine Panel is to provide the science and technology base for optimising health, human protection, well being and performance of the human in operational environments with consideration of affordability. This involves understanding and ensuring the physical, physiological, psychological and cognitive compatibility among military personnel, technological systems, missions, and environments. This is accomplished by exchange of information, collaborative experiments and shared field trials.

Combat Stress
Combat Stress delivers dedicated treatment and support to Ex-Service men and women with conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety disorders. Our services are free of charge to the Veteran.

The European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS)
ESTSS, established in 1993, is the European network for professionals in the field of psychotraumatology. ESTSS seeks to ensure continued prominence is given to all aspects of traumatic stress and its many repercussions. ESTSS promotes networking between individuals and organisations within the field of psychotraumatology.

Green Cross Academy of Traumatology (GCAT)
GCAT is an international, humanitarian assistance organization, non-profit corporation comprised of trained traumatologists and compassion fatigue service providers.

The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation
The mission of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc. is to provide leadership, education, training, consultation, and support services in comprehensive crisis intervention and disaster behavioral health services to the emergency response professions, other organizations, and communities worldwide

Service Personnel and Veterans Agency
SPVA produces Veterans World, an 8 page full colour newsletter that is a single source of information. Articles cover initiatives from all kinds of organisations, MOD, DWP and numerous ex-Service organisations. All have a connection to helping ex-Service personnel; many of them are exclusive to the ex-Service community. Each edition is available in hard copy, e-newsletter, online through the SPVA website or as an audio version. It is aimed at people who work in an "advisory" capacity with the public; the distribution includes HM Prisons, NHS Primary Trusts, Local Authority, UK Libraries , CAB, and people who act in an advisory capacity for organisations who deal with veterans.

United Kingdom Psychological Trauma Society
The main objectives of the UKPTS will be to promote the improvement of the dissemination of knowledge of the effects of traumatic events, their consequences for people and communities, effective preventative interventions and treatments of the undesirable consequences of traumatic events; to develop a network of individuals committed to achieving this objective in the United Kingdom; to maintain a close relationship with the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and to partake in any activity that is related to or can promote these objectives.

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Critical Incident Stress Caregivers

Veterans Integrative Health and Welfare Forum

Police Psychology

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For a fascinating collection of First World War photographs, see